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Rear Windsheild Back Wiper Arm Blade Set Nissan Rogue 2008-2013 #28780-JM00A

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* Blade Length: 12"(300mm)
* Part Number: 28780JM00A / 28780-JM00A
* Color: Black
* Material: Arm - 100% PBT with 30% Pb, Blade - ABSP Rubber, AA leve
* Weight: 300g


2011-2016 Nissan Juke
2008-2015 Nissan Rogue
2008-2013 Nissan Qashqai
2011-2016 Nissan Tiida


1. Joint the wiper arm with the cross-pillar, which is in the middle of the wiper blade.
2. Put in vertical direction. The wiper arm would be stuck in the blade.
3. Install the whole kit . Done

Note: Make sure all plastic/ metal is removed from the wiper motor sharf before installation!

Package includes:

1 x Rear Wiper Arms
1 x Rear Wiper Blades
1 x Rear Wiper Cover

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